Susan LinkedIn PhotoSusan Newman Manfull, PhD, won the 2014 Scholarship Award in the Emerging Writer category for her story “With Record-Breaking Exports of Rosés to the U.S., Marcel Ott Comes to Mind,” originally posted on her blog Provence WineZine (

Her well-researched story is both informative and entertaining, told with a keen eye focused on the fascinating history of premium rosé production in Provence.

Dr. Manfull took a circuitous path to writing about wine, travel and food. She spent her professional life as a researcher, teacher and consultant in social psychology and stress management until she and her family flew the coop for a sojourn in Provence. Upon return, she dove into wine and travel writing with booklets on tasting wine and later two blogs on wine, travel, and food: The Modern Trobadors and Provence WineZine. She lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and travels frequently to Provence.

As part of her award, Dr. Manfull receives a complimentary 2015 IFWTWA regular membership. Read her winning story here: