Our arrival to the complete “Aigio experience” started when the driver pulled the transport over to let some local hosts and officials on; and they kept coming on until every seat was taken. Onward to the breathtaking mountain-top Vineyard RIRA to taste and meet the owner and two female winemakers. Then on to a successful farmers co-operative factory producing what they call “currants” but are to us a special type of dried grape. Back to town and we were led by the Archaiologiko Museum director through his small but well-curated collection which created a timeline for us of the local treasures. A hop across the street to the locals’ favorite tavern Maleipeion to have a glass of wine and some local delicacies before we headed for our lunch at Refrain by Stratos Vardakis and cooking by our new friend Chef George. Our evening was topped off by a tour of the mountain-top winery, Tetramythos Winery and a casual dinner hosted by Chef George at a local seaside spot with gyros, baked chicken and local wine.

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Stacie Haight Connerty
David L. Drotar
Athena Lucero
Amelia Old
Jen Reyneri*
Kurt Winner*
Michelle Winner

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