Athena Lucero

Athena Lucero

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With insatiable curiosity Athena Lucero wanders the globe exploring the world’s cultures, meeting the denizens, and breaking bread (it didn’t take long for her to learn that food is the international language that brings people together). She returns to share her findings through storytelling. A Los Angeles-based freelance writer, her works have appeared with Jetset Extra; Westways magazine; and she is a contributing writer at Creators Syndicate, among the top five syndicates in the United States (Editor & Publisher, July 2014) and TraveLife magazine (Canada). A few of Athena’s recent adventures include savoring New Norwegian cuisine on a gastronomic journey across Norway; discovering England’s post-industrial, reinvented, and hip Manchester; downhill skiing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing through the Swiss Alps; embracing Malibu’s wine country; and immersing her senses at Whistler Cornucopia, a 19-year strong 11-day long food and drink festival in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to her career as a travel journalist, Athena’s writings were of a different genre -- corporate administration: an international law firm, business consulting, engineering, and academia. 

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