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Maurie O'Connor

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Maurie O’Connor is one of the chief content creators for award-winning website,, which covers a range of topics in over 50 countries. He works closely with his partner, fellow IFWTWA member Christine Salins. Maurie enjoys photographic essays that capture the essence of a culture and not just a destination. He loves jazz, oysters, books, films and craft beer in no particular order and is on a quest to visit as many jazz clubs and oyster festivals as he can while travelling the world in search of new adventures. Maurie lives in Queensland, Australia. 

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Outback Queensland – The Spirit of the Outback

The Spirit of the Outback is one of the iconic rail journeys in Australia, travelling 1,325 kilometres through country with a rich history and an ever-changing landscape. (Food Wine Travel)

Radio Interview on Outback Queensland

A report on Travel Writers Radio about the Spirit of the Outback journey which included stops at Winton and Longreach where QANTAS began.

Ring Out In The Foggy dew

Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin is a cold and severe place, even today, 100 years after the 16 leaders of the Irish Uprising were executed there. (Food Wine Travel)
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Motoring East on Route 66

We wanted to get our kicks but we were in fact motoring east not west, following what was left of the old Route 66. (Food Wine Travel)

The Epicurean Way: South Australia’s Wine Pilgrimage

If you’re a food and wine pilgrim there is an uplifting experience waiting for you on South Australia’s Epicurean Way. (FWT magazine)

Radio interview on Umbria & Tuscany

Maurie interviewed by Graeme Kemlo on Travel Writers Radio 87.8FM about an Insight Vacations tour of Umbria and Tuscany.

An Insightful Tour of Umbria & Tuscany

Insight Vacations’ Country Roads tour visits some of the most beautiful towns and villages in Umbria and Tuscany. (FWT Magazine)

Noosa Jazz Festival: You ain’t heard nothin’ yet

A spring evening in Noosa is the place to be for all little jazz birds. (Food Wine Travel)

All The Buildings In Sydney

Sydney is a fascinating city, geographically, architecturally and socially. (Food Wine Travel)

Mount Lofty House: Sweeping Views Over Adelaide

Mount Lofty House is high up in the Adelaide Hills with a commanding view of its surroundings stretching back towards Adelaide. (Food Wine Travel)

Sunday With Simsion At The New Inchcolm Hotel

The New Inchcolm, a boutique hotel managed by Accor, made a perfect setting for a literary event with award-winning author Graeme Simsion. (Food Wine Travel)

Maria Island Walk

Maurie O’Connor talks to Graeme Kemlo on the Travel Show on Melbourne radio 87.8FM about Tasmania’s Maria Island Walk, one of the Great Walks of Australia.

Inspired by cider: Brown Brothers Grape Tree

Ever the innovator, Brown Brothers has released two cider-style beverages called Grape Tree, made entirely from grapes. (Food Wine Travel)

R J Terry Oysters

The beautifully clear river estuaries along the South Coast of New South Wales grow excellent variations of the Sydney Rock Oyster. (Food Wine Travel)

Fire and Rain: Woodford Folk Festival

The annual Woodford Folk Festival boasts a harmonious atmosphere of great music, community and unexpected experiences. (Food Wine Travel)

Picking strawberries at Beerenberg Family Farm

At Beerenberg Family Farm the welcome is as warm as the beautiful sun-kissed strawberries that we were soon piling into our baskets. (Food Wine Travel)

1001 Beers You Must Try Before You Die

I have always maintained that the only way to be safe and avoid illness while travelling is simply to drink beer instead of water. (Food Wine Travel)

Y’all in Montgomery

For a long time, many people felt shame and avoided the past with its history of intolerance and injustice, but things have changed in Montgomery and Alabama. (Food Wine Travel)

What’s Brewing: Craft Beer in the USA

There are now well over 2,000 breweries in the United States, at least half of them also brew pubs producing beer with flair and innovation. (Food Wine Travel)

The Flying Kangaroo – Great Untold Stories of Qantas

Qantas is the third oldest airline in the world. Its history has been told from many angles; these are the ones that never made it into official histories. (Food Wine Travel)