Shobha Gallagher

Shobha Gallagher

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Shobha Gallagher living in Canada, is a Freelance Writer (travel, features, scripts, plays). She is also a photographer and video filmmaker. Her goal has always been to merge writing with photography and video. She has published several travel features in in-flight and travel magazines as well as online travel publications. 

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“There is Something About Pittsburgh”

This is a 28 minute video is an insight on the vibrant spirit of Pittsburgh…the grit, mettle, resilience it has shown as it has forged into the future. This video is the outcome of a media trip hosted by VisitPITTSBURGH.…

A Butterfly Haven in Mumbai

Thane district of Mumbai is an area marked by a spate of luxe-condos and astronomically priced real estate. In this densely populated city where life surges in a constant animated […]…

The Purrfect Cat Café

Café Chat Sibérien is the world’s first hypoallergenic cat café that opened a year ago in Chelsea, Quebec, Canada. Visitors can enjoy coffee, lattes, hot chocolates, tea, croissants, gourmet grilled […]…
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The Purrfect Cat Café (Video)

This is a 20 minute video on the world’s first hypoallergenic cat café, Café Chat Sibérien (The Siberian Cat Café) in Chelsea, Quebec. Cat Cafés are getting popular across the world and more recently in North America. The Siberian Cat…

Devilishly Blue

The sound of tin drums and muffled shrieks wafted from the top of the steep winding road. What seemed like undulating blue flames emerged from the womb of darkness and from the parchment of history.We were in the mountain village…

Tobago: Clean, Green, Safe and Serene

The Caribbean island of Tobago, which is a 20-minute flight away or a two-and-a-half hour ferry ride from Trinidad, is completely different from its big sister island.While Trinidad focuses mainly on attracting the business traveller and investors and shaping itself…

Paddling the Lagoons of Alappuzha

Our boat snipped through the waters like a pair of scissors through a swathe of rumpled silken fabric. The receding jetty seemed to unhinge the past soundlessly, pinning it to where it belonged: behind us. Life almost immediately slipped into…

On High Voltage

Some call it a national obsession; others, a fixation. But whatever the label, the persona of Trinidad has been synonymous with its spectacular Carnival celebrations. Dubbed as the world’s greatest street festival the whole machinery behind its multi-million dollar preparation…