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Teresa Bergen

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I'm a Portland, Oregon-based freelancer who focuses on health, fitness and travel. Interests within travel include vegetarian and vegan, soft adventure, nature, wellness, spirituality, culture and history. My work appears in travelandleisure.com, Northwest Travel & Life, Offbeat Travel, Whole Life Times and the South China Morning Post, and I'm the vegetarian/vegan editor of Real Food Traveler. I'm also a member of the Society of American Travel Writers. I love old churches and cemeteries. 

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Published Articles (63)

Snowshoeing around Portland

A beginning guide for Portland snowshoers, published in Oregon Sports News.

A Conversation with Quebec Vegan Activist Elise Desaulniers

An article and video interview with Elise Desaulniers, vegan activist in Montreal.

Vegan Ice cream Parlour Nice Vice Opens in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

A video interview with Chris White, proprietor of Nice Vice in Vancouver, BC, for Veggie Vision TV.
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Visiting Chengdu China

Top attractions in Chengdu, China, as reported in Pique Newsmagazine.

Will the First African-American Saint come from New Orleans?

A visit to historic Saint Augustine Church in New Orleans. Early member Henriette DeLille may become the first Catholic African American saint. Written for the Catholic Travel Blog.

9 Delicious Vegan Things to Eat in New Orleans

Vegan deliciousness, New Orleans style. Published in Chic Vegan

Hotel Eastlund Review

Review of the Hotel Eastlund in Portland, Oregon for the Telegraph’s hotel review site

7 Things to Love about West Inn & Suites In Carlsbad, California

Upscale amenities, a great restaurant and proximity to beach and shopping make for an enjoyable stay at the West Inn & Suites in Carlsbad, California. Published on Wander with Wonder.

Beyond the Beach: 10 Fun Things to do in Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are known for their beautiful beaches, but they offer lots more. Published in Wander with Wonder.

Review of Caravan Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon

Review of Caravan, the world’s first tiny house hotel, for the Telegraph’s hotel review website.

Panda Mania in Chengdu, China

In Chengdu, China, people looooove pandas. I visited a panda research base and wrote about it for Pique Newsmagazine.

Review of Benson Hotel, Portland

Benson Hotel review for the Telegraph’s hotel review website

Ace Hotel Review, Portland

Review of Ace Hotel in Portland for the Telegraph’s hotel website

2 Portland Hotels Worthy of Vegans

The Jackknife Bar at the Sentinel Hotel and Departure at The Nines both offer lots of good things for vegans to eat. Written for Chic Vegan.

10 of the Top Wow Experiences around Chengdu, China

Temples, parks and shopping in Chengdu, China. For Wander with Wonder.

Heathman Hotel Review

Review of Portland’s Heathman Hotel for Telegraph hotel website.

The Nines Hotel Review

Review of Portland hotel The Nines for the Telegraph hotel review site.

Get Your Thrills in Safe Doses on These Vacations for Adventure Travel Novices

Easy travel adventures, published on travelandleisure.com

Not a White Christmas: 11 Warm and Festive Hotels for Holiday Vacations

Warm weather Christmas destination hotels and resorts, for travelandleisure.com

Sentinel Hotel Review

Review of the Sentinel Hotel in Portland, Oregon for the Telegraph’s hotel review website

Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel Review

Review of Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel, located in Portland, Oregon, for the Telegraph’s hotel review site.

Outdoor Adventure and Veg Food in the Blue Ridge

Biking, kayaking and eating veg food in the Roanoke Valley. Published in Real Food Traveler.

Eating Vegan in Fredericksburg, Texas

Places for a vegan to find good things to eat in Fredericksburg, Texas. Published in Chic Vegan.

Vegan Cheer for Your Holiday Table

Vegan holiday recipes from chefs around the country, published in The Health Journal.

Medical Tourism: The Not So Fun Vacation

An intro to medical tourism, published in The Health Journal.

Virtuous Pie: Vancouver’s New Plant-Based Pizzeria

New Virtuous Pie serves plant-based pizza and dairy-free ice cream in Vancouver’s Chinatown. Written for Chic Vegan.

Hotel Lucia review

Review of Portland’s artsy Hotel Lucia for the Telegraph website

Tobago: A Sweet Destination

Visiting a cocoa estate in Tobago, reported for Pique Newsmagazine.

Trinidad & Tobago: Going to the Panyard

The history of steel pan music in Trinidad, and a visit to a local panyard. As reported for Pique Newsmagazine.

Hospitality Embodied: Bistro West in Carlsbad, California

Excellent service and food at Bistro West in Carlsbad. Published on Hospitality21.com

Eat a Vice Cream Cone at Vancouver’s Nice Vice

An interview with Chris White, owner of Vancouver’s Nice Vice, about his nondairy dessert shop. Featured in Chic Vegan.

8 Cool Cat Cafes in Canada

Meow! Cat cafes are springing up all over. Written for travel2next.com

Sleeping with Wolves in Quebec Canada

Visiting an unusual adventure park in Canada, where you can play with wolves — if they want to. Published on travel2next.com

Heroic Early Catholic Women Who Shaped Montreal

These Catholic nuns and lay women had a big impact on the young Montreal. Published in the Catholic Travel Blog.

10 of the Best Hotels in Vancouver

Top Vancouver hotels, in travel2next.com

At Vancouver’s Meet Restaurant, Linda Antony Creates Plant-Based Comfort Food

Vegan burgers and fries top the offerings at Vancouver’s Meet. Published in Chic Vegan.

Bota Bota: Montreal’s Floating Spa

A spa on an old ferry boat in downtown Montreal. Published in Pique Newsmagazine.

Getting Outside in Vancouver

Hiking, kayaking and taking a beehive tour in Vancouver, BC. For Wander with Wonder

International Comfort Food at Montreal’s Lola Rosa

A visit to the vegetarian restaurant Lola Rosa and a chat with Chef Scott Wong. For Chic Vegan.

Plan a Roanoke Valley Adventure

Hiking, biking, water sports and yoga in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. For The Health Journal.

Tender of the Hives: Michael King, Bee Butler at Vancouver’s Fairmont Waterfront

Touring the Fairmont Waterfront’s gardens and beehives with Michael Butler, Bee Butler. For Hospitality 21.

5 Water Adventures in Quebec

I paddle board, canoe, kayak, raft, and finally relax at Montreal’s ferry boat-turned-spa. In Wander with Wonder.

Exercise Equipment to Help You Stay Fit on the Road

Portable exercise equipment for on-the-road workouts. Published on travelandleisure.com

Why Americans Don’t Take Vacation Days

I examine the phenomenon of Americans forfeiting their vacation days and staying in the office for The Health Journal.

Pizza and Pinball, a Perfect Pairing for All Ages

I play vintage machines at the Roanoke Pinball Museum then have pizza at Fortunato in downtown Roanoke, Virginia. Published in Hospitality 21.

From a Chincha, Peru Farm to a Portland, Oregon Restaurant

A story of purple corn, chili peppers and creating a supply chain, reported for NewWorlder.

Top Spiritual Retreats around the World

From staying with Catholic monks to undergoing Ayurvedic procedures, here are some top places for spiritual retreats. Published on travelandleisure.com

Outdoor Wonders of Detroit

I kayak and bike through Detroit. Published in Wander with Wonder.

Detroit Vegan Soul

A visit to Detroit Vegan Soul, as written for Veggie Vision, a UK news and entertainment channel focused on vegan living.

Three Good Motor City Choices for Vegetarians

Detroit has plenty for vegetarians and vegans to eat, I discovered on a recent visit. Here are three top picks published in Real Food Traveler.

Learning from the Desert on a Red Jeep Tour

I took an excellent jeep tour with Desert Adventures in Palm Desert, and developed a new appreciation for the San Andreas Fault. Published in Pique.

Pet a chicken, train a puppy at New Mexico wellness resort

A visit to Sunrise Springs, an integrative wellness resort outside Santa Fe, NM. Published in the South China Morning Post.

Cuddling Chickens and Other Alternative Therapies at Sunrise Springs

Slowing down to do arts and crafts and cuddle therapy chickens at an integrative wellness retreat in New Mexico, reported for Pique Newsmagazine.

Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

From terrorism to the Zika virus, more and more Americans are finding reasons to say yes to travel insurance. Published in The Health Journal.

Loving Thy Neighbor in Detroit

For the Catholic Travel Blog: A walking tour of old churches in downtown Detroit, and the way modern Detroit entrepreneurs model the idea of loving thy neighbor through collaboration.

Up Close and Personal with the San Andreas Fault

Traveling by jeep, bike and foot, I learn about geology and desert conservation in California’s Coachella Valley. Published in Whole Life Times Magazine.

Bob’s Red Mill Everyday Gluten-Free Cookbook: 281 delicious whole-grain recipes

For Real Food Traveler, a review of the new whole grain cookbook from Bob’s Red MIll

Cafe Flora, Seattle’s Vegetarian Mainstay

Cafe Flora’s been serving up fine veg dining for a quarter of a century. I interviewed the chef and owner for Real Food Traveler.

Something Sweet on the Strip: Vegas’ Hexx Chocolates

Bean-to-bar chocolate in Nevada, written for Hospitality 21.

Many Faces of Upper Cumberlands, TN

Food, festivals, and outdoor fun in the Upper Cumberlands, as reported in Real Food Traveler.

Vancouver Social Enterprise Vacation

Ventures that funnel tourist dollars directly to the local community. Published in Whole Life Times Magazine.

Fine Dining, Vegetarian Style

Top vegetarian restaurants in Portland and Seattle, for Northwest Travel & Life.

Eleven US Restaurants that Have Mastered the Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Around the country, veg folks turn their backs on the traditional bird. Published on travelandleisure.com