Trouble Logging In

New Members

First, to be sure you are registered on the website, click the menu item Our Members. If your name is not in the resulting list you have not been registered. Please contact our administrator or webmaster.

Network Security

Our network is monitored and protected against hackers attempting to log in to our site. Our log in form tries to make it difficult for computers to continually guess at log in combinations. A computer can try hundreds of combinations every second until it gets lucky and hits a winner.

These hundreds of hits every second cause our web server to slow way down making it very slow or even blocked for real people. This is called a Brute Force Attack. Currently we are using Google’s reCaptcha to combat these attacks. You’ll see this as a check box labeled “I am not a robot” in our log in form. See below for the simple instructions for using this form.

1. Click “Log In”

You will then see a login form (at right).

2. Enter username or email

3. Enter your password

Passwords are case sensitive. If possible copy and paste your passoword and be sure you do not have an extra space at the beginning or end.

4. Click in the box next to “I’m not a robot”

The box must have the green check mark as shown before clicking the red Log In button. Occasionally you will be asked to perform an “Extra Test.” You are shown a window with a group of photos. There will be an instruction, such as “Click all photos with street signs” and you must follow that instruction (see below).

5. Click the red “Log In” button

Extra Test

You will probably NOT see this extra step.

Click each photo that matches the instruction. Then click the “Verify” button. If you checked the correct photos you will see the green check mark described in step 4. If not you will be given another test window.

If you pass this test the “I’m not a robot” box will be checked and you can click the red “Log In” button.

If you do not succeed in checking the right parts of the photo (sometimes it isn’t very clear) another test will be presented.